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People from hostels – are you the real backpacker?

The genuine question we put every time a new tourist come at Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest is : what expectations have this guy? The main point is that every tourist have in mind some ideas about how he would like his accommodation to be.

Many of us even if traveled a lot still have in mind the comfort of a hotel room. Of course hostels can be great when you socialize with many other tourists and get new friends. But are you aware that the noise level in a hostel is much higher than inside a hotel? Last evening I just saw come reviews on regarding different hostel experience in Bucharest. I was truly shocked to see that some tourist complains about the noise even if the accommodation was good. Unfortunately for a hostel staff is quite difficult to manage this kind of problem. A hostel should be a lovely funny place fill with young people who want to have good fun. If you try to tell them that they should be quiet than they will answer you : This is a HOSTEL not a hotel. So, what can we do about?

During this year hostels in Bucharest just divided in 2 categories – party hostels and chill out hostels. We can talk also about city hostels in Bucharest which are located in hot spots of the city but they have a mixture of tourists.

I think from my travel experience that we should be aware of what we search for our holiday. If we are traveling alone or with friends, than we can stay in a party hostel. If we come in a couple, than is better to ask the hostel if they have private rooms and if they have noisy tourists before booking it. When you come with children, the only hostel still available for you in order to have a good comfort is just a chill out hostel. So, before booking your hostel just take your time and see some of their reviews on or and if still you are not aware just e-mail to the property and ask them about conditions.

At Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest we care a lot about our tourist comfort. This is why we ask you to put us any question regarding the accommodation. You’ll get all the details in advance and will be sure about your choice. See you in Bucharest at Crazy Duck Hostel!

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