rent a car in Bucharest

Rent a car in Bucharest

Do not waste time on trains or buses! If you come to visit Romania for at least 4-7 days and really want to see the country than the best solution is to rent a car in Bucharest or where else your flight just landed.

At Otopeni International Airport are several rent a car companies just waiting for you :)  And rental price in Romania is affordable. Also the gasoline price is not as expensive as in western European countries. So, if you just have in mind a regular 3-4 days route of about 700-800 km with a compact class car the total cost including car and gasoline should be around 200 – 250 EURO.
One of the best route you can do if you come for the first time in Romania is from Bucharest to Sibiu via Pitesti, Curtea de Arges and Transfagarasan mountain road. From Sibiu which was European Cultural Capital in 2009 just go to Sighisoara, the best preserved medieval fortified town in Romania and from there to Brasov, a beautiful town and entrance gate to Transylvania. Then back to Bucharest on the beautiful landscape of Prahova Valley. On this route you can visit most beautiful castles as Bran (better known as Dracula castle) , Poenari Castle (real fortified castle of Vlad Tepes) , Peles Castle or magnificent monasteries as Curtea de Arges. But the biggest highlight is the road itself. On Transfagarasan road you will understand why the guys from Top Gear consider this one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe.

So, what are you waiting for?

Before choosing your rent a car in Bucharest take some advices.
– Usually companies charge you between 100 – 300 EUR as a deposit.
– Cars come with full tank and must be return the same otherwise the petrol is surcharged at about 2 EUR/liter.
– Better take the car from Otopeni International Airport – rates are usually cheaper
– Some rent a car companies (as Active Rent a Car or Primus Rent a Car) will bring you the car at the requested location but this services could be charged
– Of course that you’ll get a better rate for longer period rental; usually companies will advertise with their 30 days + rental price :)

Regarding real prices (which I consider to be the prices for 1-7 days rentals) for mini to compact class should go from 20 to 35 EUR. Don’t pay more than this!

Of course there are also well known international rent a car companies with offices in Bucharest (most at Otopeni International Airport). If you take the car from the airport their offer is more or less the same as from local companies.

I hope I convinced you to rent a car in Bucharest and drive over the beautiful landscape of Romania – it is an amazing experience and you’ll find that Romanian drivers are quite relaxed, so don’t worry.

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