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Celebrating women’s day @ our hostel in Bucharest

Great news from our hostel in Bucharest – at Crazy Duck Hostel any woman who book  a bed in dorm for 8th March 2016 will have free accommodation according to availability.

This is how we celebrate Woman’s Day in our best hostel in Bucharest!

Another events hold in our hostels during this day will be The -15% Discount Direct Reservation.  This event is hold in BOOK-A-REST Hostel and Crazy Duck Lodge. During the day of 8th March we accept direct reservation in our reception for beds in dorms and private rooms for any period  during 2016 with 15% discount applied at our internet rates. Of course these reservations should be made by ladies only. Just ask reception about this program and book your room in our hostel in Bucharest downtown.

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Valentine’s Day in Bucharest hostels

As February is approaching, lovers from all over the world are expected in Bucharest hostels.

No kidding ! Where is the best meeting point for youngsters than in hostels.
We are waiting you in our best Bucharest hostels: Crazy Duck Hostel, BOOK-A-REST Hostel and Crazy Duck Lodge! You may come as a couple or you may find your half here in Bucharest :)

Our staff arranged for you nice activities and will propose you the best spots to hang around during this special day. There will be plenty of concerts in town, special programs in Bucharest clubs and restaurants from Old Town or alternative ideas as escape rooms, laser tag contests and many more.
Our Bucharest hostels come with a flat rate for all our properties of 24 EUR/double room with private bathrooms, 30 EUR/family room (4 person occupancy) with private bathrooms, 9 EUR in 4 beds dorms or just 7 EUR in 8 beds dorms.

You can also see on our accounts on booking.com the special nonrefundable rates for different kind of rooms provided by us. Any special request or group request will be set at a special rate. Please ask for any special requirements you may have during Valentine’s Day booking period (13-15 February 2016)

Don’t waste your time! Book your stay in Bucharest for Valentine’s Day 2016 right now!


Funny ideas about hostels

What some people (still) think about hostels :)

Blame it on Tarantino – after his horror movie named Hostel in 2006 people begin to think about this kind of accommodation as unsafe places frequented by chainsaw-wielding psychopaths in scary masks. A number of common misconceptions about hostels out there and we aim to set the record straight.

So, on number 1 place is the false ideea that Hostels are unsafe.

While all but the most uneducated of travellers would recognise the graphic and gory scenes of extreme violence in Hostel are a long way from reality, there are people out there who believe that hostels aren’t all that safe.

Yes, hostels do get broken into from time to time and things get taken, but this happens in all types of accommodation. The truth is that, in many cases, you are as safe in a hostel as you are in a three or four star hotel.
Nearly all hostels now have luggage storage rooms and personal lockers, where you can store your valuables. Many hostels also operate 24 hour receptions and employ security guards for added security

The second false ideea is that : Hostels are basic & low quality ! Wrong! There are people out there who believe that the quality of accommodation and facilities provided at hostels is considerably lower than at hotels because of the price difference.
Visions of hostels comprising of no more than a bed in a cramped dorm and access to a grubby communal shower room are a thing of the past, with many hostels now offer some outstanding rooms and facilities that make them comparable with mid-range hotels, at a fraction of the price.
Many hostels offer private rooms with private bathrooms, TVs, wardrobes and writing desks, and have the sort of facilities you’d expect of a three star hotel, like a fully stocked bar, swimming pool, games room, a 24-hour reception and laundry service.
What a hostel may lack in comparison to your typical three star hotel- facilities like maid service, wake-up call or on-site restaurant, it can often make up for in terms of atmosphere and experience.
Of course, there are hostels that provide the absolute minimum for your money but the same applies to many budget hotels. The key is to do your research and, more often than not, you will find a hostel that has exactly what you’re looking for at a price that is often considerably less than your average hotel.

On number 3 place in our top we find the ideea that Hostels are all sex, drugs and rock n roll. Yet this is some way from the reality. Any hostel worth its salt operates a strict no drugs policy and will not tolerate excessive drunken behaviour.
Not all hostels are party hostels either, but there are plenty of those if that’s what you’re looking for. Many opt for reading rooms and hammocks in tranquil settings, as opposed to dance floors, disco balls and sound systems. The key is to read the hostel’s description on the website before you book to make sure you’re going to get the atmosphere and surroundings you want.

So, let’s keep it clear – in 2015 hostels can be the best solution in travelling around the world ! Don’t hesitate to book one! And when you arrive in Bucharest, Romania get your accommodation @ Crazy Duck Hostel.

rent a car in Bucharest

Rent a car in Bucharest

Do not waste time on trains or buses! If you come to visit Romania for at least 4-7 days and really want to see the country than the best solution is to rent a car in Bucharest or where else your flight just landed.

At Otopeni International Airport are several rent a car companies just waiting for you :)  And rental price in Romania is affordable. Also the gasoline price is not as expensive as in western European countries. So, if you just have in mind a regular 3-4 days route of about 700-800 km with a compact class car the total cost including car and gasoline should be around 200 – 250 EURO.
One of the best route you can do if you come for the first time in Romania is from Bucharest to Sibiu via Pitesti, Curtea de Arges and Transfagarasan mountain road. From Sibiu which was European Cultural Capital in 2009 just go to Sighisoara, the best preserved medieval fortified town in Romania and from there to Brasov, a beautiful town and entrance gate to Transylvania. Then back to Bucharest on the beautiful landscape of Prahova Valley. On this route you can visit most beautiful castles as Bran (better known as Dracula castle) , Poenari Castle (real fortified castle of Vlad Tepes) , Peles Castle or magnificent monasteries as Curtea de Arges. But the biggest highlight is the road itself. On Transfagarasan road you will understand why the guys from Top Gear consider this one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe.

So, what are you waiting for?

Before choosing your rent a car in Bucharest take some advices.
– Usually companies charge you between 100 – 300 EUR as a deposit.
– Cars come with full tank and must be return the same otherwise the petrol is surcharged at about 2 EUR/liter.
– Better take the car from Otopeni International Airport – rates are usually cheaper
– Some rent a car companies (as Active Rent a Car or Primus Rent a Car) will bring you the car at the requested location but this services could be charged
– Of course that you’ll get a better rate for longer period rental; usually companies will advertise with their 30 days + rental price :)

Regarding real prices (which I consider to be the prices for 1-7 days rentals) for mini to compact class should go from 20 to 35 EUR. Don’t pay more than this!

Of course there are also well known international rent a car companies with offices in Bucharest (most at Otopeni International Airport). If you take the car from the airport their offer is more or less the same as from local companies.

I hope I convinced you to rent a car in Bucharest and drive over the beautiful landscape of Romania – it is an amazing experience and you’ll find that Romanian drivers are quite relaxed, so don’t worry.

Bucharest hostels

Flashpackers vs backpackers in Bucharest hostels

In 2014 managers from Bucharest hostels faced a new kind of traveller – the flashpacker.

Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap, flashpacking has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget.

What is sure is the flashpackers as a rapidly growing segment of travelers who adhere to a modest accommodation and meal budget, while spending freely, even excessively, for activities at their chosen destination.

For example, I knew that when I first set off on my worldwide adventures I thought I was going to act like a backpacker but to invest a little more money into private room accommodation and extra activities. I soon discovered that lately most backpackers seem to have the same approach in travelling.

So now I think that flashpacking is the new backpacking for guys over 30 J . More and more people seem to be waiting until they’re a little bit older before they experience the world, so flashpackers, or champagne backpackers, are now not so unusual.

This is what wikipedia says about backpackers.

“Backpacking is a term that has historically been used to denote a form of low-cost, independent international travel. Terms such as independent travel and/or budget travel are often used interchangeably with backpacking. The factors that traditionally differentiate backpacking from other forms of tourism include but are not limited to the following: use of public transport as a means of travel, preference of youth hostels to traditional hotels, length of the trip vs. conventional vacations, use of a backpack, an interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights.”

It now seems like “backpackers” are in the minority and I say that because even the term flashpacker seems to have evolved recently. I now see flashpackers as those travelers who can’t even travel without their laptop, i-pod and various other bits of high-tech equipment. When I first went traveling very few people even traveled with a hairdryer so seeing all this electrical equipment being carried around still feels a bit odd to me.

As manager at Crazy Duck Hostel I’ve seen thousands of tourists from both areas. After I analyzed the 2014 market in Bucharest hostels I can definitely say that flashpackers are now more than backpackers. Everybody is looking after private rooms in hostels or at least after smaller sized dorms (with 4 or 6 beds instead of traditionally 12-20 beds ones) . This is the main reason why most of Bucharest hostels are now reconsidering their accommodation structure. Also for the new flash clientele everybody is preparing a new selection of fresh, interesting alternative tours even if there are a little bit more expensive than the traditional ones.

So, now Bucharest hostels are waiting for you , backpackers or flashpackers as well, with a new offer adapted for the 2015 travel requirements.

See you in our town soon !

youth hostel

How we start Crazy Duck Youth Hostel in Bucharest

The beginning of Crazy Duck Youth Hostel in Bucharest comes from a funny ideea !

Hi, my name is Andrei. Travel is my profession as well as my hobby. I worked in different travel agencies in Bucharest for last 15 years as outgoing manager.

But times has changed. Fortunately !

Last autumn I decide with my friend and high school mate Adrian to open a hostel in Bucharest. From the beginning we decide to create a home away from home for our travelers. This was the primary concept of Crazy Duck Hostel.

Our property in Stirbei Voda Street was quite in a good location for a youth hostel in Bucharest, between the main railway station (Gara de Nord) and the Old Town. So after a 4 month renovation we finally open Crazy Duck. What we get was an 8 room hostel with a maximum capacity of 26 beds. Each room was designed to have a private bathroom and no more than 4 beds. We arranged a nice recreation area with a fully equipped kitchen, a nice game room with smart TV and music dock and a garden terrace where we can enjoy a cold drink in a hot summer day. It is designed more to be a chill out hostel rather a party hostel.

So, the game begin on 5th May 2014 and by now we already had more than 1500 tourists who visited us. It is fun and we really enjoy to make new friendships and give as many information regarding our hometown Bucharest and our country Romania. This is the reason why many past tourists we had consider Crazy Duck Hostel as their second home.

We are waiting you as well with a beer from the house to share our stories about travelling – the most fascinating thing in this world.

Your hosts and friends, Andrei & Adrian @ Crazy Duck Youth Hostel in Bucharest