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Valentine’s Day in Bucharest hostels

As February is approaching, lovers from all over the world are expected in Bucharest hostels.

No kidding ! Where is the best meeting point for youngsters than in hostels.
We are waiting you in our best Bucharest hostels: Crazy Duck Hostel, BOOK-A-REST Hostel and Crazy Duck Lodge! You may come as a couple or you may find your half here in Bucharest :)

Our staff arranged for you nice activities and will propose you the best spots to hang around during this special day. There will be plenty of concerts in town, special programs in Bucharest clubs and restaurants from Old Town or alternative ideas as escape rooms, laser tag contests and many more.
Our Bucharest hostels come with a flat rate for all our properties of 24 EUR/double room with private bathrooms, 30 EUR/family room (4 person occupancy) with private bathrooms, 9 EUR in 4 beds dorms or just 7 EUR in 8 beds dorms.

You can also see on our accounts on booking.com the special nonrefundable rates for different kind of rooms provided by us. Any special request or group request will be set at a special rate. Please ask for any special requirements you may have during Valentine’s Day booking period (13-15 February 2016)

Don’t waste your time! Book your stay in Bucharest for Valentine’s Day 2016 right now!


Funny ideas about hostels

What some people (still) think about hostels :)

Blame it on Tarantino – after his horror movie named Hostel in 2006 people begin to think about this kind of accommodation as unsafe places frequented by chainsaw-wielding psychopaths in scary masks. A number of common misconceptions about hostels out there and we aim to set the record straight.

So, on number 1 place is the false ideea that Hostels are unsafe.

While all but the most uneducated of travellers would recognise the graphic and gory scenes of extreme violence in Hostel are a long way from reality, there are people out there who believe that hostels aren’t all that safe.

Yes, hostels do get broken into from time to time and things get taken, but this happens in all types of accommodation. The truth is that, in many cases, you are as safe in a hostel as you are in a three or four star hotel.
Nearly all hostels now have luggage storage rooms and personal lockers, where you can store your valuables. Many hostels also operate 24 hour receptions and employ security guards for added security

The second false ideea is that : Hostels are basic & low quality ! Wrong! There are people out there who believe that the quality of accommodation and facilities provided at hostels is considerably lower than at hotels because of the price difference.
Visions of hostels comprising of no more than a bed in a cramped dorm and access to a grubby communal shower room are a thing of the past, with many hostels now offer some outstanding rooms and facilities that make them comparable with mid-range hotels, at a fraction of the price.
Many hostels offer private rooms with private bathrooms, TVs, wardrobes and writing desks, and have the sort of facilities you’d expect of a three star hotel, like a fully stocked bar, swimming pool, games room, a 24-hour reception and laundry service.
What a hostel may lack in comparison to your typical three star hotel- facilities like maid service, wake-up call or on-site restaurant, it can often make up for in terms of atmosphere and experience.
Of course, there are hostels that provide the absolute minimum for your money but the same applies to many budget hotels. The key is to do your research and, more often than not, you will find a hostel that has exactly what you’re looking for at a price that is often considerably less than your average hotel.

On number 3 place in our top we find the ideea that Hostels are all sex, drugs and rock n roll. Yet this is some way from the reality. Any hostel worth its salt operates a strict no drugs policy and will not tolerate excessive drunken behaviour.
Not all hostels are party hostels either, but there are plenty of those if that’s what you’re looking for. Many opt for reading rooms and hammocks in tranquil settings, as opposed to dance floors, disco balls and sound systems. The key is to read the hostel’s description on the website before you book to make sure you’re going to get the atmosphere and surroundings you want.

So, let’s keep it clear – in 2015 hostels can be the best solution in travelling around the world ! Don’t hesitate to book one! And when you arrive in Bucharest, Romania get your accommodation @ Crazy Duck Hostel.

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One day escape from Bucharest

Choose Hostel Romania ideeas for short day trips departing from Bucharest !

I know –  most of you guys don’t have so much time to spend in Romania ! You choose Bucharest for your first stop – and this is a good decision. In just 2-3 days you can see most of the hot points of our city, visit the best museums, see the most interesting buildings and join the wildest parties.

But Romania is not only Bucharest. So, if you just have only one more day to spend on our trails I propose you a one day escape from Bucharest in our beautiful mountain area – Prahova Valley.

First advice – inside Romania use the train – it is nice, have a clear schedule and brings you in good shape where you want to J

Let’s see now the first Hostel Romania route:

Bucharest – departure 08.30 – arrival Sinaia 10.03 / train no IR 1580

  • Time to visit Peles Castle in Sinaia 1 ½ hours

Peles Castle is open from 9.15 am till 4 pm /ticket  price 20 lei for standard tour (just groundfloor – 45 min)

Sinaia departure 11.43 – arrival Brasov 12.46 / train no IR 1621

Departure from Brasov bus station Autogara 2 TRANSBUS to Bran 13.30 – arrival Bran 14.24

Very important – from Brasov railway station check again the bus schedule for Brasov – Bran and Bran – Brasov route as it can change without notice.

  • Time to visit Bran Castle and surroundings – 2 ½ h

Bran Castle is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm/ ticket price is 25 lei

Departure from Bran to Brasov by minibus at 17.08 – arrival Brasov 18.00

–         Hang around in Brasov Old Town – 2 ½ h

Departure from Brasov railway station 20.45 – arrival Bucharest 23.00. As you probably book your accommodation @ Crazy Duck Hostel in Bucharest you are lucky ! After a just 12 minutes walk you are back in your cozy room at our hostel.

I know, you will be really tired after this day but trust me, it worth ! And don’t forget to check after new Hostel Romania routes on our site !